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Solari Invest R.E.S Group History


What is Solari Invest ?

Solari Invest is a crowd-funding market place where you can purchase solar panel assets which are deployed in technically validated commercial projects in the sunniest locations in CANADA . Solar panels purchased through Solar Invest are leased to end-users which earns revenue to solar panel owners where-ever they are in the world.
SOLARI INVEST R.E.S Group manages the fund-raising, solar panel leasing and then the revenue collection and distribution. You just need to select a project plan where you want to invest and then the funds will be transfered automatically after confirmation , just like any other crowd-funding platform. Once the payment is confirmed your part of the solar panel will be set up immediately and installed by our team of engineer and technician certified, and then the lease associated to your solar panel(s) will earn a guaranteed and secured income.

Where do you operate ?

We are developing solar projects in diverse and sunny locations so that our Users can choose the plan best suited to their investment portfolio Our active projects are presently in CANADA. Future opportunities in other developing countries are coming soon.

Who are you ?

We are a dynamic, enthusiastic team of solar and financial technology professionals with an incredibly broad mix of expertise. We are all united by our dedication to transforming the way we access our energy and where we get our wealth. We imagine a future where our finances are backed by the value of clean, reliable solar power and not on a centralized and rapidly depleting supply of oil. Solari Invest is subsidiary company of The Renewable Energy Solari Group , which is a registered company for 2 years. The company is committed to helping Canadians burn a hole in their electricity bill with quality solar systems at the lowest prices. Its team of passionate and knowledgeable solar advocates, expert installers and reputable brands are the foundation of its success. Solari Invest is 100% Canadian owned and sources only products which have been tested in Canada's harsh conditions. Solari Invest knows the power of the sun and we are committed to making sustainable energy a significant part of Canada's and the world's energy future. We continue to strive for Solar Energy Solutions which deliver financial savings for our valued customer base, whilst helping protect the environment too.

Our Vision ?

A world powered by distributed renewable energy financed by decentralised money.

Our Mission ?

To enable individuals to finance the infrastructure they want to see in the world.

Are you a bank? Is this legal?

We are a market place and payments into Solari Invest go towards purchasing solar panels for the project. We are not a bank, we do not issue loans, we are not issuing securities. We sell solar panels and facilitate the owner's of those solar panels deploy them into projects.

Why Investing in Renewable Energy ?

If you have been on the fence about why investing in renewable energy is profitable then you have wasted a lot of time. Canada is trying to become the global leader in alternative energy production but we have fallen behind to the past few years. With recent government incentives for businesses and state governments to implement alternative energy solutions new construction of solar, wind, hydroelectric, biofuels and others is on the increase. Solari Invest R.E.S Group is a trusted source for reliable investment opportunities in renewable energy production. Found in 2014, Solari Invest is dedicated to providing accredited investors an alternative to traditional fossil fuel energy investing. Whether you believe in global warming or not the fact is fossil fuels are finite. They will run out at some time. These is no better time than right now to get started in profitable investments in alternative, clean energy production.
As you can see by the statistics of Canada investments in Solar Energy and other renewable resources is growing exponentially. Solari Invest has been following these trends since their inception and we have carefully researched projects available that we feel can sustain a continued revenue generating income

What are solar panels ?

Typically, when you see a solar panel on a roof, it is a photovoltaic (PV) panel and covered with a tempered glass enclosure to protect it from the elements. Assemblies of solar cells are used to make solar panels, solar modules, or photovoltaic arrays. The basics of how the solar cell converts light energy into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. There are numerous technology choices in terms of cells, panels, and configurations, plus so many different manufacturers creating many different types of solar panels


The sun’s light contains energy, it produces enormous amount of energy due to fusion reactions within its core. Energy is ejected from the sun where some of it travels to the earth’s surface as photons. When the light hits an object the energy turns into heat, some objects contain materials that when light hits them they absorb photons and and then release electrons.
Solar Cell Convert Photons to Electrons Solar panels are comprised of several individual solar cells also called PV cells, the basic function of PV cells is to convert protons (light) into electricity (DC-direct current). PV cells harness solar radiation with a semiconductor material (such as silicon) to produce a photoelectric effect; photo meaning “light” and voltaic meaning “electricity”. This means that the energy of the absorbed light is transferred to the semiconductor and electrons are knocked loose from the semiconductor material.

Silicon Layers

Two layers of silicon make up the bulk of the PV cell. The silicon is combined with an element such as phosphorus, because pure silicon is not a good conductor of electricity. Phosphorus has five electrons to share, silicon can only take four of the five electrons, leaving one free electron (negative charge) – called a free carrier – an electrical current is formed.

Electric Field

To generate electricity, need to establish an electric field. Similar to a magnetic field, the opposite poles of two magnets attract each other, as do the positive and negative charges in an electric field. When the PV cell is created the two different silicon layers are brought together, they create an “opposites attract” electric field. Once the bottom layer has gained extra electrons, it becomes negatively charged, while the top layer has gained a positive charge there.

Powering a Building

Electrons flow as electricity via the metal conductor strips into a wire and to an inverter inside the house. The inverter converts the direct current (DC) coming from the PV cell into the alternating current (AC) electrical power that appliances can use. Electrons also flow out of the house and back to the solar panel, creating the closed loop necessary to maintain the flow of electricity.

What is the collective investment photovoltaic and how it works ?

The investor has an activity, the subscription Solari Invest Plan Looking for location, construction and installation of photovoltaic panels, operation, maintenance, administration entrusted to invest Solari Solari key Invest rents on park operations, it is the income distributed to investors. These revenues depend on the electricity purchase price and of course sunshine. The electricity purchase price outcome of photovoltaic panels is contractually agreed with EDF CANADA supplier for 25 years. It is therefore known in advance and can be amended during the validity of the contract. The chosen sunshine duration is one of the worst historical year. The investment return is calculated on the redemption price multiplied by the estimated production. A discount is made to ensure a safety margin, thereby contractually guarantee a daily net return of 8%.


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890 Woodlawn Road West Guelph, ON N1K 1A5, Canada

A real corporate project, the triple QSE certification rewards Solari Invest’s commitment to increasing the operational efficiency of its solar power plants, characterised in particular by increased availability. The certification was also obtained thanks to the systematic use of good practices in terms of safety, allowing the Solar Power business to aim for the goal of zero accidents in the workplace.
An integrated management system, audited by BSI , CGC ,and CSA experts and meeting the requirements of international standards in the fields of quality (ISO 9001 v2015),
health and safety (ILO-OSH 2001) and environment (ISO 14001 v2015) was implemented for the Group’s Solar Power business.

CGC Certif

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